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Успішно представила Україну

Студентка 4-го курсу спеціалізації «Переклад» факультету ІФСК СумДУ Анастасія Коротун стала єдиною від України учасницею міжнародного студентського конгресу «Investing in Youth for a Sustainable Future», що проходив 4–5 жовтня 2018 року на базі Міжнародного Балканського університету у місті Скоп’є, Македонія.

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Наукова розвідка про історію книжкової торгівлі на Сумщині

Підготовлена й опублікована старшим викладачем кафедри журналістики та філології факультету ІФСК СумДУ Надією Подолякою . Назва книги – «З історії розвитку книжкової торгівлі на Сумщині».

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The 2nd Prize at the International Literary Contest

Yuliia Lazutkina, the fourth-year student of the specialization Translation (group PR-51), has won the 2nd prize at the annual literary contest.

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The Polish Language Courses

With the assistance of Translation Training and Resource Center “LinguoStar”

And Congress-center of Sumy State University


Pupils of 8-11 classes, their parents and all people who wish to get the beginner level of Polish language

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The 4th year student of specialization "Translation" Anastasiia Korotun received a grant for participating in the World Youth Forum "Right to Dialogue: Ethics of Complexity / Complexity of Ethics", which took place from the 27th to 30th of September in the city of Trieste (Italy) on the basis of University of Trieste, Department of Legal, Interpreting and Translation Studies. The forum brought together young people from all over the world: Canada, Spain, Georgia, Tunisia, Pakistan, China, India, Romania, Nigeria and this list is far from complete.

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Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications is one of the most prestigious in Sumy State University. Its appearance became a significant step in the formation of Sumy State University as a classical university. Most departments of Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications are general. And the graduating departments become more popular. The Faculty consists of six departments, three of them are graduating

Departments of the faculty have long-standing academic and scientific network with higher educational establishment of Kyiv, Kharkiv, L’viv, Cherkassy and other cities of Ukraine, co-operation with The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Humanitas University in Sosnowiec, Brest State University named after O.S. Pushkin (Byelorussia), Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Georgia), University of Wisconsin – Madison (USA).

Our students are actively involved in research. Every year over 400 persons take part in the scientific-theoretical conference of teachers, students and postgraduates. As a result, we constantly have a victory in competitions of student research and in national subject competitions.