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Fifteenth anniversary

A Journalist: always looking for some interesting and reliable information always has a professional point of view to the facts and events that occur in the world, they can be a teacher, a psychologist, and a traveler. The profession of the journalist combines many different skills, abilities and knowledge. In addition, journalism (or rather, interest in the study of this profession) for 15 years in succession brings together people with different professional experience in Sumy gymnasium № 1.

This year the XV regional Tournament of young journalists named after Gennady Petrov started on 17 November.  Twelve teams and each strives to win: someone is participating in the tournament not for the first time, and for someone is making only the first step. "Notatky vid "Dvadtsiatky" (General Education School № 20), The Оffspring (General Education School № 21), Alter Ego (Sumy Specialized School № 10), Nota bene (Sumy gymnasium № 1), "Section 27" (General Education School №24), "Success" (Sumy Specialized School № 25), "Simnadtsiata Khvylia" (Sumy Specialized School №17), "Espada" ( Sumy Specialized School № 10), "Vox Populi" (Sumy Specialized School  №7), "Impulse" (Sumy Specialized School № 15), "Myslyvtsi za sensatsieiu" ( Sumy Specialized Scholl №2), "Piata vlada" (General Education School №12) – namely, under such nicknames teams from different schools competed in the tournament. Each team was set to win, and no one was going to concede. They came here in order to prove that they are the best.

For the fifteenth consecutive year, the teachers and the students of the Department of Journalism and Philology of SSU are taking part in this tournament. They judge, moderate, consider the points, and edit the newspaper "Trubadur".

The head of the jury, associate Professor in the Department of Journalism and Philology of SSU Volodymyr Horticultural congratulated the young journalists:

– I do not know who and what have found in this tournament for 15 years. According to some rumors I can say that someone have found  passion – and not just in journalism, someone has found the knowledge, someone has found themselves and , of course, someone has found friends. The friendship you find here will stay with you for the whole life. I wish you not to lose the perseverance, faith in yourself, ability to put questions and clearly answer them!

The participants skillfully reported, opposed and criticized, argued on a very relevant and serious topics: "Fake in the media, in all its varieties. How to identify a fake and whether it is possible to deal with it?", "Errors in journalistic texts in the local media: "lowering to the level of the reader", the unprofessionalism of the authors, or plain ignorance?", " Material title: what makes it attractive?", "The role of the journalist, in particular, in obtaining and disseminating information", etc. The teams tried to show being good informed, students answered confidently, although it was able to feel their excitement.

According to the tournaments results, the team "Myslyvtsi za sensatsieiu" took  the III place (Sumy Specialized School №2), Notatky vid "Dvadtsatky" (General Education School №20), " Pyata Vlada" ( №12), "Simnadtsata hvylia" (Sumy Specialized School №17), "Impuls" (General Education School №15), "The Offspring" (General Education School №21), "Paragraf 27" (General Educational School №27), "Success" (Sumy Specialized School №25), the "Alter Ego" ( Sumy Specialized School №10); II place – team "Nota Bene" (Sumy gymnasium №1" and "Vox Populi" (Sumy Specialized School №7); first place have won the team "Espada" (Sumy Specialized School №10).

Catherine Shestak, ZHT-61

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Запрошуємо  на  перегляд  фільму “Війна  химер” у рамках XIV Мандрівного міжнародного фестивалю документального  кіно  про права людини  DOCUDAYS UA.

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Open Romania together with the “Express yourself” project

The student of specialization “Translation” Marharyta Polupan  was the part of the youth exchange “Express yourself”, that was organized by ANTER (Erasmus+ Program).

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Тренінги з лідерства для дівчат

1–3 грудня для дівчат віком 15–18 років, які бажають розвинути власні лідерські якості, пройдуть тренінги, що охоплюють теми жіночого лідерства, практичні заняття з ІТ (наприклад, створення власних відеоматеріалів), творчі змагання та ін.

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The students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communication have found out where a significant part of Sumy customer-related printed products come from

Obviously, the years of scholastic education are clearly aimed for a detailed potential specialist’s acquaintance with the chosen field of activity. Thus, now the students of groups ZhT-61 and ZhT-62 are in the active process of getting a journalistic knowledge in full.

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Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications is one of the most prestigious in Sumy State University. Its appearance became a significant step in the formation of Sumy State University as a classical university. Most departments of Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications are general. And the graduating departments become more popular. The Faculty consists of six departments, two of them are graduating
Departments of the Faculty have stable scientific ties with universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Simferopol, Cherkasy and other cities of Ukraine, cooperation with the Warmia-Mazury University of Olsztyn (Poland), Belgorod Humanitarian University, Kursk State University and Kursk State Technical University (Russia), Belarusian State University (Brest, Mozyr).

Our students are actively involved in research. Every year over 400 persons take part in the scientific-theoretical conference of teachers, students and postgraduates. As a result, we constantly have a victory in competitions of student research and in national subject competitions.