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Sumy State University
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Students of Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications have joined the Discussion of a Social Project for IDPs

Students of Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, future journalists and psychologists, took part in the round table, during which the results of the project “Mentoring Innovation Programme for Leaders of the “Е-Solutions” in Sumy Region” were summed up.

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Викладач кафедри іноземних мов – переможець конкурсу методичних розробок із застосуванням студентами власних мобільних пристроїв

Викладач кафедри іноземних мов Світлана Міхно посіла третє місце в конкурсі розробок на краще проведення занять із застосуванням студентами власних мобільних пристроїв, що проходив у Сумському державному університеті.

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Родина факультету ІФСК поповнилася новачками

У Сумському державному університеті відбулася традиційна посвята першокурсників у студенти. Перед центральним корпусом СумДУ зібралося близько тисячі майбутніх студентів. Серед них – і першачки факультету іноземної філології та соціальних комунікацій. Цього року до «гуманітарного» приєдналося 155 студентів, які обрали своєю майбутньою професією журналістику, переклад, соціальну роботу, психологію, соціокультурний менеджмент.

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Training At The Tempus Project

Seniour instructor of the Foreign languages department Nina Maliovana participated in the training “Internationalisation as a Tool to Develop the Leadership Potential of a University” which was held under the project by TEMPUS “Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Evolution ELITE”.  The event took part at the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (the city of Kyiv) and the following topics were covered:

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The lecturer of the department of the Germanic philology participated in Master of Arts in Education (Educational Technology) program in Estonia

In August the lecturer of the department of Germanic Philology Alla Krasulia participated in summer session on Tartu University, Estonia at Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Education. It was Master of Arts in Education (Educational Technology) program:, which gives an opportunity to get a degree and European diploma of higher education.

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Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications is one of the most prestigious in Sumy State University. Its appearance became a significant step in the formation of Sumy State University as a classical university. Most departments of Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications are general. And the graduating departments become more popular. The Faculty consists of six departments, two of them are graduating
Departments of the Faculty have stable scientific ties with universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Donetsk, Simferopol, Cherkasy and other cities of Ukraine, cooperation with the Warmia-Mazury University of Olsztyn (Poland), Belgorod Humanitarian University, Kursk State University and Kursk State Technical University (Russia), Belarusian State University (Brest, Mozyr).

Our students are actively involved in research. Every year over 400 persons take part in the scientific-theoretical conference of teachers, students and postgraduates. As a result, we constantly have a victory in competitions of student research and in national subject competitions.