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Cooperation of Sumy State University with Batumi State Unversity.

The head of the Department  of Germanic Philology, professor Iryna Kobyakova and asscoate professor EKT Oleksandr Kobyakov took part  in the IX International Forum “GEO-CULTURAL SPACE: SMART-TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT”, that was held in Batumi (Georgia).

Owing to the enlargement of cooperation between representatives of different cultures in the sphere of science and education appeared a current necessity of discussing and realization of united projects. Forum instantly widespreads its boards and unites intellectual potential, improves multidimensional relations in searching of methods of teaching foreign and mother languages. Especial interest was under studying of languages from the point of view of emigrational processes, problems of adaptation, experience of accomplishment and education of bilingual person, who is capable of communicating in policultural environment.

The Vice-chancellor of Shota Rustaveli State University in Batumi professor Khalvashi in his report insisted on cooperation of linguists from different countries for solving problems in sphere of philology and searching for ways of improving effectiveness of international cooperation.

Professor Iryna Kobyakova was a leader of section “Translation and cross-cultural communications”. The result of discussing of scientific researches was announcement by joint headship of Master’s scientific works of L.N. Gumiliov Eurasian national University (Kazakhstan), Batumi State University (Georgia), Sumy State University (Ukraine) from the specialization “Translation”. Sumy State University was introduced by the head of the Department of Germanic Philology, professor Iryna Kobyakova and associate professor EKT Oleksandr Kobyakov with a report “Teaching translation and Cross-Cultural Communication”.

At the End of IX International forum “GEO-CULTURAL SPACE: SMART-TECHNOLOGIES IN EDUCATION AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT” professor Kytadzio M. (University of Kioto-Sangio, Japan) pointed on the necessity to learn the potential of communication on the base of scientific environment and invited all to take pert on X International forum that will be held in Japan in 2019.

Due to effective work of professor Iryna Kobyakova was signed a Treaty about cooperation between the Departnemt of Philology of Batumi State University and  the Department of Germanic Phololgy at Sumy State University.

Halyna Chulanova, assosiacte professor

at the department of Germanic philology