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Oleksiy Zakharchenko: "Who works as a journalist, that has a power"

The first-year journalists got an opportunity to talk with the head of the Sumy Regional Press Club - Oleksiy Zakharchenko. He told students about the challenges of contemporary journalism and to what should be prepared, choosing this profession.

-  " Who works as a journalist has a power. However, the power is not a guarantee of the  journalist's security. So, at the beginning of the career, we must prepare ourselves for possible psychological and even physical pressure from people who are not interested in distributing this or that information ", noted Oleksiy Zakharchenko.

He gave examples of impediments to the professional activities of journalists in the Sumy region. The head of the regional press club added that only one of these cases had been brought to trial, namely the case of the beating of a journalist Yevhen Polozhiy.

During the meeting, students identified the main advantages and disadvantages of journalism, and the speaker told the first-year students about the importance of adhering to the standards of this profession.

In particular, the monitoring of the correspondence of materials of the Ukrainian mass-media to journalism norms is carried out by the Institute of Mass Media (IMM), whose representative in the Sumy region is Oleksiy Zakharchenko.

In addition, IMM also implements other projects: monitoring of paid journalism in the Ukrainian mass-media, organizing trainings on journalism involving Western media specialists, legal assistance to journalists in violation of their rights.

At the end of the meeting, the students who most actively participated in the discussion of the issues received gifts from Oleksiy Zakharchenko - the manuals "Media Compass: a guidebook for a professional journalist" and "Journalist and (non) security".

Vіoletta Samokhіna, MDm-71