An exhibition " Ukraine-NATO. Formula for Security " was opened on the basis of the Sumy State University.

The transport exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the NATO-Ukraine Charter on a Distinctive Partnership was opened in the Congress Center of Sumy State University.

The event's organizers are the NATO Information and Documentation Centre, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center, the Center for Regional Security Studies, and also the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies, the Department of Journalism and Philology of the SSU.

Participating in the opening ceremony took the Chairman of the Sumy Regional State Administration Mykola Klochko, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine Barbora Maronkova, Advisor on strategic communications of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Vilen Podgorny and SSU Vice-Rector for Scientific Work Anatoliy Chornous.

- This exhibition is called to destroy the myths that have been imposed on us for many years in order to prevent Ukraine's integration into the European Union and, directly, cooperation with NATO. Thanks to the exhibits and stands here, we see concrete examples and facts of support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our NATO fighters, - said the head of the Sumy Regional State Administration Mykola Klochko.


Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine, Barbora Maronkova, emphasized that the Sumy region is the first one in which this exhibition is opened. Its purpose is to convey to the general public facts about what NATO is and what NATO is not. Before the opening of the exhibition, Barbora Maronkova and Mykola Klochko met and discussed important issues, including the impact on the situation in the border areas of the region of the Russian aggressor, the conditions for cooperation and coordination with the Alliance's structures in Ukraine, and raising the level of information security. In addition, they paid attention to the special support of NATO in connection with the fact that Sumy region fulfills the functions of the external border between the European Community and the Russian Federation.

Recall that it is possible to visit the exhibition until December 22 - in the Congress Center of Sumy State University, and after December 22 - in the SSU library.

Photo - the website of Sumy Regional State Administration, Congress Center of SSU