The guests of the Travel Office revealed the secrets of Germany

On the Christmas eve senior lecturer of German philology Larysa Dehtiarova and the Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior lecturer Olena Popova performed on the regular meeting of Students’ club of linguistic and cultural studies “Travel Office” under the authority of lecturer at the department of Germanic philology Olena Nazarenko

Larysa Ivanivna spoke about the peculiarities of behavior, the greetings and farewells phrases and about dialectal differences in various parts of Germany. Another main focus was paid to the chapter of history and its influence on the behavior of modern Germans.        The discussion centred round the behavior pattern of Ukrainians in German. That lead to brisk dialogue with second-year students, who are intended to take part in such student programs as DAAD and other.

The meeting left a lot of ideas for reflection and self-studying with further discussion at the next meetings.

Valeriia Rava, PR-62