Applied researches in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Applied researches in the field of social communication and philology:

  • Development of media strategy.

  • Development a strategy of various information events.

  • Processing the texts of any direction and any complexity.
  • Decoration, making the layouts of all kinds of publishing products.

  • Professional correction and editorial processing of different types of publications (abstracts, monographs, PhD theses and doctoral theses, fiction, art books, history literature, representative and promotional products).

  • Рrinting realization: optimization of publication volume, paper selection, bookbinding materials, and replication, binding etc. with using the most advanced technologies.


Manager – Sadivnychyi Volodymyr Oleksiiovych, tel. 0542780374



2. Advertising and information services:

  • Development of corporate identity (name, mark, logo, etc.).

  • Design development of printed products (business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets, newspapers, magazines, etc.).
  • Design development of souvenir production (pens, cups, T-shirts, caps, etc.).

  • Design development of the external and internal advertising (billboards, citylights, signs, tablets, stands, etc.).
  • Design development of advertising on transport (private cars, taxis, trolley).

  • Advertising photography.
  • Creation of advertising and informational audio products (audio clips, podcasts, etc.).

  • Creation of advertising and informational video products (promotional videos, presentation videos, etc.).
  • Development the projects of PR-events and their complex PR-support (writing press announcements and press releases, organization of press conferences, etc.).

  • Development of advertising and PR-campaigns.

NSC «PR-consulting», deputy head of the center – Yanenko Yaroslav Vasylovych, tel. 095-745-68-69, tel. 33-02-25, 68-78-50, 11th floor (G-1103a); This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,


3. Translation services:

  • Translation of scientific, technical, socio-political, artistic, business, legal, technical documentation and other sources like contracts and requests of companies, organizations and individuals.

  • Translation support for conferences, meetings, seminars, business meetings, negotiations and etc.
  • Consulting services for translation and design business, legal, technical and other documentation both on the intellectual capacity of the Centre, and  together with other departments of SSU.

  • Creation information and reference databases concerning foreign languages (dictionaries, translation manuals, information search dictionaries for working in different information systems of computer networks, reference manuals etc.( both paper and  other types of information).
  • Language support (guides-interpreters of Internet systems) while working in information systems, such as Іпternet, МSN, АOL etc., and also language support ) while working in the information search servers of various intelligence systems etc.

  • Translation support for creating websites, web pages and other information tools. 

Managers – Zhulavska Olha Oleksandrivna, tel. 0542 687885;

Lytvynenko Halyna Ivanivna, tel. 0542334240

4.  Socio-political research:

  • Expert assessment of local and state authorities decisions.

  • Analytical work on socio-political issues.
  • Information, sociological, image and psychological support of candidates electoral campaigns at all levels.

  • Recommendations on solving specific management problems (including, through improved relationships between authorities and public) for state and private leaders.

Manager – Kostenko Andriana, tel. 0542687796.

5. Sociological studies:

  • Monitoring public opinion of population in Sumy region on the political, professional, economic issues by conducting sociological researches, the exit poll; focus groups.

  • Content analysis of media materials: periodicals, television, radio. Analysis of communicative impact, accessibility and perception of an information by media audience. Development of specific recommendations.

Manager – Kostenko Andriana, tel. 0542687796.

6. Training work:

  • Diagnostics of staff: professional skills, that is the level of communication skills, availability of organizational skills, the behavior strategy in communication, leadership skills, the readiness to take risks.

  • Training sessions. The main focus of training: a personal effectiveness, an interaction with the customer, a good governance, selection and assessment of staff, the conflict management in the group, skill of public speaking.

Manager – Kolisnyk Liudmyla, tel. 0542687807

7. Gender Studies:

  • Combining the efforts of educators, scientists, social, trade organisations, authorities in order to achieve gender equality.

  • Study of the situation of gender equality in the Sumy region.Spreading objective information about the situation of women and men in the area.
  • The study of public opinion, organizing and conducting sociological researches on gender equality and also monitoring  regional media.

  • Creating a network of experts in gender issues in the region.
  • Formation of information base, organization of book fairs, selection of literature for special events.

    Development of guidance and textbooks for secondary and higher education.

  • Conducting scientific and practical conferences, seminars, "round tables", student debate on gender equality and overcoming gender stereotypes.

Manager – Svitailo Nina Dmytrivna, tel. 0542330390