Extracurricular activities

All departments at the Faculty are dealing with extracurricular activities. 10 curators of academic groups ae working on the Faculty, and designed by NPP. All groups of the first year has curators-students among representatives of student government. Cooperation and coordination of activities with student government of faculty and university level is one of the fundamental basis of extracurricular work at the faculty. .

For several years employment of students in extracurricular activities is about 70% of all students. During the 2016 students have joined to participate in more than 80 university and faculty activities. The highest percentage of activity are in the first and second courses.

This year's faculty IFSK made the first set of students of specialties "Psychology" and "Management of socio-cultural activities". For the fall semester of 2016 were conducted for the first time extracurricular activities of sociocultural orientation: exhibitions, workshops, master classes with the assistance of well-known artists, filmmakers, art managers and a number of psychological events for first-year students and seniors.

Details of extracurricular activities departments and faculty, as well as the achievements of students can be found in the report for 2016.

«Golden Integral 2016»

Birthday of Foreign Philology and Social Communications Faculty

"The best student of SSU" 2016